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Forever Climbing the Range of Light...

Photo: Red and White Mountain, in the High Sierra south of Mammoth Lakes, California. Climbing routes for this and the Sierra peaks are found in "The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes and Trails", 3rd Edition by SPS member R. J. Secor.(Photo by Ron Hudson).

The Sierra Peaks Section is an Outings Section of the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club that explores, enjoys, preserves, and stimulates interest in climbing and hiking up peaks in the Sierra Nevada. The Section offers a varied schedule of activities during the climbing season ranging from introductory trips for beginning climbers and graduates of the Wilderness Travel Course to multi-day backpacks that may require extensive mountaineering skills in rock and snow climbing. The Section sponsors many Outings or co-sponsored Outings during the spring and summer Sierra Nevada climbing season. You are encouraged to participate in one or more of the outings, enjoy the mountains, make new friends and to climb with old friends.


Updated SPS Peaks List (247 peaks) - 23rd Edition, Feb 2016

Membership in the SPS is open to any Sierra Club member who has climbed six peaks on the SPS Peak List. In Dec, 2015, members approved dropping the requirement to climb two peaks with the Sierra Club to become a member of the SPS.

Click here to view an intro and spreadsheet of SPS List with mileage, gain and TH information


The 60th Anniversary SPS Banquet

held Sunday, January 25th, 2015, was a huge success. Many thanks to Doug Mantle for his fabulous address!
NEW! 60th SPS Banquet DVD available - click here to order.

Click here to view the 60th Anniversary Slideshow (put together by Angeles Chapter historian Bob Cates)

Doug Mantle, Banquet speaker (right) and Alexander Smirnoff, outgoing SPS Chair (left)
Tina Bowman receives SPS Leadership Award (Tom Bowman on right)
Gordon MacLeod, Mary McMannes and Barbara Lilley
Shane Smith (SPS Eastern Sierra rep), Kathy Rich (Webmaster) and Dan Richter (Archivist)

Congratulations to our 2014 SPS List Finishers - Lisa Barboza, Bob Wyka and Nile Sorenson!

Lisa Barboza, Bob Wyka and Nile Sorenson all completed the SPS list in the summer of 2014 - Lisa on North Pk, Bob on Muah Mtn and Nile on Clouds Rest. Furthermore, by completing all 3 of the SPS, DPS and HPS lists Bob Wyka, Greg Gerlach, Mirna Roach and Greg Roach joined the elite group of Triple List Finishers!

Group photo on Lisa Barboza's List Finish on North Pk, June 2014

SPS List Finishers group photo on Bob Wykas's LF on Muah Mtn, September, 2014

To all Leaders:   Send your trips to Gary Schenk: gary@hbfun.org

Leaders, you can plan and submit your trips for web publication anytime, although please allow time for reviews and publication.  Thanks for planning a busy and fabulous summer, climbing in the Sierra. 

Click to see letter to leaders.

Spring and early summer are some of the best climbing in the Sierra - no rubble heaps and the chance of fun downhill glissades. 
Early Summer trips may be difficult to plan - with weather and snow conditions being unknown this far in advance.  Please feel free to schedule a trip and the hope it will work out - we'll be happy to work with you if dates and even location needs to be changed when you know more.
And for those leaders who don't want to plan far in advance - don't worry; we are happy to process trips for web publication at any time.  Approval can be very quick.  However, please remember that web publication still requires that we submit mountaineering applications (for restricted trips) and have safety committee review.

Note!   Pilot Knob (south) has been suspended from the SPS list because of access and private property issues.  This has been reflected in the SPS list available on this web site. 


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