Centennial Peak

3-Sep-92 (Private Trip)

By: Pete Yamagata

In 1990 the Sequoia Natural History Association dedicated this peak to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Sequoia National Park. On this year of the Sierra Club's centennial, I did this summit, being in the vicinity.

One can directly follow a ridge from Colby Pass (12,000'), with some scree traversing and some cl. 2 talus hopping. A very nice look at the summit pinnacle of Milestone and a good view of the Kaweahs is had, with part of the southern extension of the Great Western Divide visible. A bear canister with a steno notepad comprises the register. I was the only one to sign in for 1992, with a few Northern California peak-baggers signed in for 1991. Only 3 pages were filled, with no SPS'ers at all! I guess the peak's remoteness and its non-listed status probably tended to that!

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