Cirque Peak, Mount Langley


By: Dan Richter

Myself, Asher Waxman, Devra Wasserman, Erik Siering and John Dodds met Saturday morning at the trail head to the Cottonwood lakes at 6:00 am ready for an early start. We packed in and made camp just NW of Cottonwood Lake #1. We approached Langley from the next bowl north of the Old Army Pass and found it to go smoothly over class 2 talus and rock. This is an excellent route which seems much better and less round about than either the New or Old Army Passes.

Thunder clouds were threatening so we hurried to the summit of Langley and stayed just long enough to sign in and then beat a hasty retreat. After we descended to the plateau from the summit area we got a bit wet and were regaled with thunder and lightening about the summit as we returned to camp.

Sunday we slept in till seven, broke camp and moved our packs to South Lake and headed out for Cirque. We approached the peak from Cirque Lake and found easy going up the East Ridge and the chute to its left. If I were to take this route again I would go directly to the ridge from South Lake. We had a delightful lunch on top and all congratulated John on his return to Sierra peak bagging after a hiatus of some years.

We returned to our cars via the lovely South Fork trail and were out early for the drive home.

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