Lone Pine Peak


By: Tom Scott

Saturday, September 25, 1993 was set as the SPS list finisher peak for Dale Van Dalsem, a quest begun in August, 1967 with the ascent of Half Dome and interspersed with completion of the DPS list twice, the HPS list and numerous other peaks worldwide.

Dale led the trip with 13 other climbers and made the summit shortly after noon. Previous SPS list finishers joining Dale on the summit were assistant leader Dave Petzold, Tina Stough, RJ Secor, and George Toby.

While we recognize with respect these experienced climbers, it is important to note also that one of the group, Diane Dunbar, logged this as her first SPS peak! Congratulations, Diane, and best wishes for many more happy and safe climbs.

The group left Whitney Portal Campground on schedule at 6:30 following the trail to Meysan Lakes and then up the wide, steep rock chute to the ridge. There were a couple of humps enroute to the peak (Dale referred to them as "observation points, not false summits") and soon the group was basking in sunshine and sipping champagne with magnificent views in all directions.

Tom Scott had arranged for the party after to be held at a friend's cabin in Whitney Portal. Unfortunately several of the motley crew arrived the Friday afternoon before and Scott made the strategic mistake of introducing them to his friends. The party at the cabin was off, but a great one was organized at the campground.

About 50 people (a few more than the legal campground limit! shoved up to feast and fete Dale, each taking a turn to comment and share an experience with Dale in the firelight that lingered long into the night.

This report was submitted on behalf of Dale Van Dalsem by Tom Scott

Editorial note by Ron Jones:

Dale Van Dalsem died Saturday, January 8, 1994 of a heart attack while mountain biking with his family.

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