Mount Mills, Mount Morgan #1


By: Henry Arnebold

This trip was scheduled as an SPS day hike introductory trip and 13 climbers showed up - some new and some old (not old in years but in experience). We all met at the trailhead at 7:30 a.m. to get an early start. Our route took us past Ruby Lake and up the drainage toward Abbot and Mills, at the base of Mills we climbed the scree slope toward the east Couloir route. The chockstone at the bottom of the route did slow us down quite a bit because of the group size and the belaying required for some climbers. At the very top of the Couloir we encountered snow and had to be extra careful until we reached the summit plateau. Eleven summited and several calls were made to loved ones via cellular telephone. Mary Motheral really enjoyed her call to her husband explaining what she thought of Mills. (A pile of --it four letter word ending in I-T and found at the bottom of bird cages. *Answer below) The return trip was uneventful and I must admit I did breath a sign of relief after everyone descended the Couloir safely.

Sunday proved interesting in that only 4 climbers started for Morgan and 3 succeeded. The rest either went home Saturday night after celebrating Steve Thaw's birthday, or opted to sleep in and have breakfast at Tom's Place. Thanks to all the participants for a great trip, Steve Thaw, Linda James, Ah Aminian, Mike Daugherty, Keith Martin, Owen Hembrock, Steve Lear, Cathy Bianca, John Dodds, Howard Eyerly, Eddie Sudal, and Mary Motheral. *Answer: grit

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