Mount Clarence King

31-Jul-92 (Private Trip)

By: Dan Richter

Myself, Devra Wasserman, Greg and Mirna Roach, and Erik Siering met Friday morning at Onion Valley. Bob Sumner had planned the trip, but an errant computer had demanded his presence at the last minute and he couldn't go.

We started early, knowing that the weather was warm and that we had two passes and a col to get over before we saw Sixty Lakes. We made Kearsarge a little after 9:00, but we passed Glenn in the middle of the day and it was hot and grueling. We avoided Rae Lakes by passing over Rae Col directly into Sixty Lakes. We camped high in the drainage just a little north of where the trail comes over from Rae Lakes. It was Devra's birthday and we gave her a little birthday cake with candles that we had carried in.

Saturday was clear and calm as we headed out for the lake below the East Face of Clarence King. Devra was not feeling well so she stayed at the lake while the rest of us lightened our packs and set out up the ledges to the saddle. The climbing was easy and we moved quickly to the saddle and up the South East Ridge/Face. We roped up at the jam crack and we were all soon at the summit blocks. I tossed the rope over the smaller block and Greg and I scrambled up into the vee and I stood on his shoulders to make the final move up to the top.

All followed, and after shouts and waves to Devra and photos we rapped down to below the jam crack to a well deserved lunch in a welcome bit of shade.

On the way back to camp we dropped lower in the drainage and hiked back among the lovely little lakes and islands that looked like a Japanese garden. We talked of coming back to climb Cotter, Fin Dome, and Gardiner from the north.

The trip out on Sunday was uneventful, and we got out early and back to L.A. in good time.

This one was for both Bobs: Bobby Draney and Bob Sumner.

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