Deerhorn Mountain

23-Aug-92 (Private Trip)

By: Bob Hartunian

Want a long back pack, lots of talus hopping and a good mountain to climb? Do Deerhorn!

I took John Watcher, a strong potential SPS'er, over Kearsarge Pass, down to Vidette Meadows and southeast along the Muir trail about 1/2 mile to a right branching trail that crosses south over Bubbs Creek. An old log cabin sits 100 feet from the creek and marks the 3 mile trail up to Vidette Lakes. Our camp was made at the upper lake below a rocky bench that leads to higher lakes and Deerhorn, approximately 2 miles away. The fishing for cutthroat trout was good.

The approach to Deerhorn ascends the bench, stays on the right side of the lakes and climbs up continuous talus to the ramp shown on the diagram. Many of the talus blocks are loose and require care in descending. When the slope of the northern peak is reached, we turned up and proceeded on good third class rocks until 100 feet below the false north p summit. A traverse to the higher south peak hooks around a peaklet and allowed us to climb the north face ramp of the true south summit. It took us 4-1/2 hours from camp to make the top on a perfectly clear day providing great views of Mt. Ericsson and the crags nearby. No ropes or hardware were required on this one.

John was a terrific climbing partner because he quickly brewed many cups of fresh amaretto and coconut coffee mornings and evenings, to say nothing about the PANCAKES that came off his frying pan. You just have to have proper climbing priorities!

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