Homers Nose


By: Greg Roach

A group of three, Steve Nardi, Mirna Roach and myself, set out Saturday morning from South Fork Campground to climb Horners Nose. It was a beautiful spring day. The birds were singing, the wildflowers were out, and the rivers were full of water thundering down the mountain sides to the valley below.

The route we followed is the abandoned Coffeepot Canyon Trail up to Salt Creek Ridge and then southeast up the ridge to Homers Nose. There is a good description given of his route in Self-Propelled in the Southern Sierra Volume 2 by J.C. Jenkins. Jenkins describes it as a backpack setting up camp at Bennet Creek. I think it makes a better strenuous day hike 5200 ft elevation gain and about 14.6 miles. The reason I suggested a day hike is the route is brushy and the camp site is small with room for maybe 2 tents. The campsite is over grown with brush as well. Keep an eye out for ticks and poison oak on the way up for the first 3 miles.

On the positive side this is a good spring conditioning hike from foothill woodlands filled with wildflowers and streams to the mountain top with snow and a good view of the Mineral King area.

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