Leavitt Peak


By: John T. Dodds

July 3, 1994: Climbed Leavitt Peak with brother Ned Dodds, 17 year old niece Karen Dodds and Karen's friend, Shelley Pope.

We left Echo Summit at around 0630, and arrived at Sonora Pass at around 0830, via Luther and Monitor Passes. Climbing almost immediately from Sonora Pass, we summitted at around 1300. After not climbing in years, Ned was very slow. Shelley felt headaches and nausia at around 10,000 feet and Karen charged ahead, staying in sight at all times (soccer helps!).

At 100 feet below the summit, Shelley refused to go any farther, citing headaches, nausia, and loose rocks. Karen felt 'not normal;' neither had been to this altitude before. So we discussed the effects of altitude as well as the grandeur of summit vistas while waiting for Ned. Shelley and Karen ate a little lunch and drank a little water. After a few minutes rest, we all made the peak.

The peak is broad and easy. We found the register under a small cairn on the appearant high point. The register had been placed by Pete Yamagata in 1991. Book one is full; book two is almost blank, with entries just on page one.

We met two SPS'ers on the peak: Mark Adrian and Richard Carey, both of the San Diego area. We yakked a while about mutual acquaintences and previous climbs, as well as Mark's rescue radio. What a small world!

The view from the peak was phenomenal: Banner and Ritter some 50 miles to the South, Mt Rose (or Freel Peak?) to the North. I could make out Mt. Diablo's vague outline through the valley haze about 125 miles to the West. Of course, Round Top, Highland, Mokelumne, Stanislaus and Tower Peaks were near at hand.

We left the summit around 1345, and judging from their distance ahead, Shelley's headache and nausia as well as Karen's 'not normalness' went away immediately. No further reports of loose rocks. Returned to the car around 1700. Back to Echo Summit at around 2000 after using up a lot of time trying to call Grandma Eunice (SPS Emblem #149) at the cabin via podunk telephone companies. It would have helped immensely had we written down the phone number.

Great Day Hike! Pacific Crest Trail to just below the peak, a couple of minor snow patches, use trails to the summit. And beautiful scenery.

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