Cartago Peak, Mount Muah


By: Rick Jali

Five eager SPS Leisure Trippers met at the Mt. Whitney Ranger Station in Lone Pine around 6:45 A. M. on Friday, July 30. After waiting a bit for the crowd to die down, we got our Wilderness Permit. Since our route was a non-quota trailhead, this wasn't a problem.

The group, consisting of Campy and Ski Camphausen,, Mary Sue Miller, LeRoy Johnson and Rick Jali (myself), then drove to Horseshoe Meadow. From there we started across the meadow (with some wet wading) and up Mulkey Pass. At the pass, a 4-way trail intersection, we went left along the PCT to a point about one mile west of Muah Mtn, and just north of Ash Meadow. From here Campy, LeRoy and I set out for Muah. It was easy cross-country hiking (and a few false summits; the true one is on the east end) to the top. Weather was warm and clear, as it was on the whole trip, and the views across the Owens Valley were outstanding.

Returning after some wandering, we found our packs and followed the trail around the west end of Ash Meadow. But that wasn't where the water was. So we had to move about 1-1/2 miles east along the meadow until we found flowing water. This made for a bit of a long day, but we finally did make a nice camp.

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