Piute Mountain


By: Jim Murphy

October is unusual for SPS'rs to participate in a three day trip in Northern Yosemite, but it was the only date we could fit in to an busy Summer hiking schedule. It seems that most of the membership concurred, although a few serious inquiries developed within ten days of the trip. A Friday morning forecast of a Santa Ana condition was not enough to sway these expectant hikers. Trying to judge the real weather conditions from various reports is difficult, especially when the prior two days of weather reports told of snow during the couple of days prior to departure. The weather reports were accurate, but the snow on the ground was only in protected places, and then just a few inches, The Polar Bear and I forged ahead with a late start on a cold but clear morning out of Twin Lakes. Steady hiking, with lunch at Peeler Lake, got us well into the Tower Peak quad for a late afternoon camp near a slow moving Rancheria Creek. "The Spirit has again led me into the Wilderness, in opposition to all counter attractions, and I am once more in the glory of the Yosemite." Early to bed and late to riser we continued on the trail in a clear Autumn day, past Seavey Pass to what seemed a likely spot to ascend, West, toward an obvious notch, North of an impressive but a false looking summit. There was too much snow beyond the notch, so we curved South a bit, then West up a chute to the ridge line. The Piute summit was a short backtrack, East, over some snow slick boulders. Great day but time was flying so back to the trail and a late arrival at camp with headlamps. When you start late, you get back late, otherwise it was a typical long but reasonable saunter, even for this time of year. "No place is so overwhelmingly attractive as that hospitable Godful wilderness." Coyotes sang during the night as they had the previous night to the stars and mountains - voices rejoicing. We were up and moving before sunrise and had an enjoyable day out, to the cars by 2:30.

All three days were warm. The nights were cold but sleeping bags and inspiring vistas took care of that condition, Quotes are of John Muir and passed to us by Steve Thaw - Jim Murphy.

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