Sirretta Peak


By: Dave Petzold

Well, after better than eight years of knee-popping abuse I've finally finished The List! I'm particularly happy that I was able to do this with the company of my entire family and climbing friends too numerous to name here. This is not the end of anything. I intend to continue climbing, although, perhaps not quite as aggressively as I have been. Here's how the day went.....

23 climbers met at the Sirretta Peak trailhead in Big Meadow. After signing in we started up the trail at about 9:00 AM. We followed the trail taking the right fork at the junction almost to the saddle east of the peak. From there we followed a ducked use trail to the top.

Once on top, corks flew, cameras popped , and I got more champagne on me than in me. It was truly a great celebration, lasting more than an hour. Finally, Gene Mauk led a short cut route back to the trail and back to the cars. On the way back, what I had done began to sink in. The SPS List is a monster and I was very proud that I had finished.

Later that evening a tremendous potluck dinner was enjoyed by all. Dinner was followed by a warm, friendly camp fire which allowed me to recall some experiences with those in attendance.

I'd like to thank all who attended and shared my joy. I'd especially like to thank Gene Mauk, Vi Grasso, Bill T. Russell, and Jim Murphy for being assistant leaders.

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