19-Sep-98 (SPS List Finish Hike)

By: Barbara Cohen Sholle

After El Nino, and knee surgery in March, I thought that finishing the list this year would be doubtful,. But climbing consecutive weekends from July 16-Sept. 4, including an 8 day trip, a 5 day trip, and a 4 day trip-made the day that I had dreamed about for several years appear to be a reality! On very short notice, eighteen hikers met me at Parcher's at 6:15 am for a jaunt (10mi rt, 5000' gain) up to Cloudripper. We followed the trail for about 600' above Green Lake (this is better than going directly south from the lake) and the rest was easy cross country (with a 300' loss) to the last 500' of class 2 rocks to the summit. We arrived within 5 1/2 hours and champagne abounded on the summit. I was presented with some beautiful and very memorable gifts-Tina Stough gave me the List Finish Pin as well as a brass paperweight engraved with the dates of my HPS, DPS, and SPS finishes, Mary Motheral. who was in Kenya at the time, had Doug give me an engraved onyx paperweight congratulating me, my husband Dave gave me a wood-burned plaque with my achievement on it as well as a T shirt with HPS, DPS, SPS boxes checked off. My pack was much heavier on the descent!

While holding the cylinder containing the register, I laughed and cried at the same time. Memories of prior trips came floating over me. So many wonderful friends have helped me along the way. I regret that Dave Dykeman and Vi Grasso could not be there to celebrate with me. Dave was my first mentor, having taken me on climbs of 48 Sierra Peaks. Vi provided much encouragement and had every confidence that I would finish the list, when I did not have that confidence. She once told me that she'd take me up any peak, and if she couldn't, she'd get her friend Doug Mantle to do it. She passed away shortly before we were to do Devils Crag. Doug insisted on doing the climb. I had never climbed with him and was really nervous, but the trip went well and we all got the peak. Tina was on the trip and I copied every move that she made, including taking a split break when she did. Doug continued to help me get some of the other challenging (technically difficult or remote) peaks. I am forever grateful for his sense of humor and his patience (that of a saint). My husband Dave has been unfailing in his support of my quest for the list and climbed most of my last 80 peaks with me. Upon seeing how far Tunemah was from the top of Finger, he chose not to do Tunemah-but I couldn't blame him - I wished I didn't have to do it either!

Completing this list has been an experience like no other. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, it makes graduate school, the two other lists, and even childbirth twice, pale in comparison!

Many friends couldn't attend and asked me to postpone it a few weeks or do it next year-but not only did I have a monkey on my back, I think it was King Kong and I knew that I had to strike while the iron was hot.

The participants and party goers were: Steve Eckert, Terry Flood, Carol Snyder, Vic Henney, Sue Wyman, Larry Tidball, Jack Miller, Jim Murphy, Mary Sue Miller, Mirna and Greg Roach, Scott Sullivan, Elena Sherman, Jack Wickel, Tina Stough, Doug Mantle, Doug Bear, Lori Beck, Duane and Betty McRuer, Scot Jamison and Yvonne, Dave Sholle, and me. Many thanks to Tina for hosting the party.

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