Recess Peak, Gemini, Seven Gables, Mount Hooper, Mount Senger


By: Ron Hudson

We started at the Bear diversion darn (Bear Ck trailhead 7400') near Lake Edison.

Hiked along Bear Creek to the Muir Trail - about 7 miles - and then another 1/3 miles south to the stream shown on the 7.5 topo. Left our packs and proceeded up the ridge toward Recess on the N side of the stream. On to the summit via the SW ridge. Back to our packs about 6 pm and moved them another 1.5 miles and made camp at the Lake Italy trail intersection. Frosty in the morning but started at 7AM and moved packs 4 mi to Sandpiper Lake. Then went up Gemini and then over to 7 Gables. Some 3rd class on 7 Gables - SE face and ridge to the N summit which is at least 40 feet higher than the peaklet to the SE. Then down the west face back to our packs. Next moved the packs 1.5 mi to Marie Lk (E side) and had about half an hour of light to set up. Perfect campsite - sandy, flat, trees too, protected, dry, nobody around. We started again at 7AM Sunday moving our packs 1.5 mi to Selden Pass. We went W from the pass across a slabby open area (like a granite parking lot in places) to the col E of Hooper and up to the summit block. The 4h class there is easier than the Hermit and Clarence King. All seven of us did this peak; 3 of the 7 took a belay. We were back to Selden Pass before noon and realized we may be be able to go home a day early. Three of the group then departed to make the Florence Lake boat. We 4 scurried up and down Selden and did the tedious 16 miles back to and around Florence Lake to the cars which had been shuttled by those who started back early. So all arrived by 9:30 PM, and then drove home. Total for the 3 days was about 14,000' gain and 46 miles-some good exercise.

Weather was great. Bright and sunny, mild, no wind most of the time. Clouds came over Sunday afternoon. I encouraged people to wear light shoes and to pack minimal weight. 3 got all 5 peaks, 3 got 3, and I got two. The lake, rock, and meadow scenery was very spectacular. Flowers were still out in this El Nino year and most annuals were still green. Went across some snow fields, but they were no problem - firm granular crust with slight sun cups. Participants were myself and Erik Siering (co-ldr), Bob Wyka, Greg Gerlach, Mars Bonfire, Bruno Geiger, and Herb Buehler.

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