Mount Agassiz


By: John W. Robinson

From the Sierra Peaks Column in Southern Sierran, September-October 1957

Mt. Agassiz (13,891') --John W. Robinson

Twenty-five Sierra Clubbers and guests started out from South Lake Saturday morning, August 3, (1957) bent on climbing Mount Agassiz, northernmost of the Palisade summits. Reaching their lakeside camp four miles later, most of the party decided to relax and soak up the sun the rest of the day. Eight peak-baggers decided to add Mount Goode, towering majestically above them (so they thought), to their list. Two hours later they scrambled onto the summit only to find they'd missed their mark - it wasn't Mount Goode. The disgusted climbers promptly named it "Mount No Goode."
The warm sunshine and beautiful surroundings of Saturday afternoon apparently dulled the "climbing bug" in many of the knapsackers, for only eleven of them made up the assault party on Agassiz Sunday morning. The peak was ascended without difficulty and a rugged panorama of the Palisades et al was enjoyed. The descent and return to South Lake was accomplished by mid-afternoon. Another Sierra weekend "away from it all" had ended with pleasant memories.
Leader - Chuck Miller

From The Sierra Echo (Vol. I, No. 4), August 1957

MT. AGASSIZ (13,891'): Aug. 3-4 (1957)
Leader: Chuck Miller

Twenty-five people showed up for this relatively easy one from South L. Saturday they knapsacked up to a small lake near timberline below Bishop Pass. That afternoon some of them attempted Mt. Goode but climbed the wrong peak - which they promptly named Mt. No Goode. Many of the group wanted to relax on Sunday, so only 11 climbed Agassiz. An excellent panorama of the major Palisade peaks was enjoyed by those reaching the summit.


Notes: This was the first time Agassiz was officially scheduled by the SPS. Graham Stephenson was listed in the Angeles Chapter Schedule as the assistant leader, but neither article indicates whether or not he was on the trip. The Echo article is unsigned, but John Robinson was editor at the time.

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