Goat Mountain


By: Patricia Meixner

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Goat Mt. (12,203'): Dominating the Granite Basin area, Goat Mt. also looks down 6000' into the Paradise Valley of Kings Canyon. Meet 6:30 a.m. Sat. at roadhead east of Cedar Grove in Kings Canyon. Knapsack 9 miles (5000' gain) up Copper Creek trail and through Tent Meadow (cross-country last 2 miles) to timberline camp at Grouse Lake (10,500'). Sun. rock-scramble 2 miles to peak, then return to canyon floor. Semi-rugged. Driving: 600 miles. Leader: FRANK SANBORN. Asst.: FRANK BRESSEL.

From the September 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Patricia Meixner

GOAT MT. (July 28-29) Leader: Chuck Miller.

On Sat. at 8 am 11 people began the steep 5,000 ft. climb to lovely Grouse Lake. Four people who left at 9:30 am caught up with the group a few hours later. The day was cooled by big rain clouds, but only a few drops showered on us. All were in camp by 5 pm.

Sun. morning the short climb of Goat Mt. (12,203 ft.) was made via a mostly 2nd with some 3rd class route. The view from the top was spectacular for everything from the Kaweahs and Whitney to Mt. Goddard and peaks north was visible. In the cairn we found the original paper naming the mountain placed by Joseph Le Conte and also a register placed by Walter Starr. Since 1899 only about 35 people have climbed the peak.

Lunch was eaten back at camp and the first group reached the cars around 4:15 pm.


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