Mount Irvine


By: Jerry Keating

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

AUG. 25-26 (1956) SAT.-SUN. SIERRA PEAKS
Mt. Irvine (13,790'): Knapsack up south fork of Lone Pine Creek 6.5 miles to camp at lower Meysan Lake (10,200'). Sun., climb Mt. Irvine via steep trailless route to its majestic summit on the Sierra Crest. Hiking Sun. 6 miles without packs, 6.5 miles with. Meet at water fountain at U.S. 395 and Whitney Portal Road in Lone Pine, 7 a.m. Sat. Caravan to trailhead. Driving: 460 miles. Leader: FRANK BRESSEL. Asst.: PAT MEIXNER.

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Note: History-minded readers need to remember that the SPS gained final approval for its founding from the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee in October 1955. Officially scheduled trips began in 1956, and The Sierra Echo wasn't published until February 1957. Consequently, much of the early SPS trip information appeared in the Angeles Chapter Schedule or Southern Sierran.

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