Mount Lamarck, Mount Darwin


By: Patricia Meixner

From Angeles Chapter Schedule

Aug 18-19 (1956) SAT-SUN SIERRA PEAKS
Mt. Lamarck (13,450'), Mt. Darwin (13,841'): Meet Sat. 8:00 at campground above North Lake. Knapsack 6 miles (9 hours) on Sat. Sun. knapsack 6 miles with packs, 6 miles without (16 hours). Gain: 4,250' Sat., 3,250' Sun. Bring lug sole shoes, primus-strove, canteen, flashlight, extra batteries, food for five meals. Driving: 580 miles. Leader: BOB SHELLER. Asst.: LEO SCOTTI.

From the September 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Patricia Meixner

MT. LAMARCK, MT. DARWIN Aug 18-19 (1956) Leader: Bob Sheller

On Sat. at 8 a.m. 13 people started the steep climb from North Lake to Lamarck Col. Before long two people dropped out. Around 1 pm the 11 others stopped for lunch below the col. After a short siesta we climbed Mt. Lamarck. When we returned 3 people left the group for they had car trouble on the way up and had to hike out early Sun. morning. Although we camped at 13,000 ft. that night it was surprisingly mild.

Sun. at 6 am only 7 people began the climb of Mt. Darwin as one of the group was sick. We climbed over Larmarck Col, dropped 1,200 ft. down into Darwin Canyon and then began to climb first over snow and then rock. The route was enjoyable, and by 10:30 am all were on top of the peak (13,841 ft.). We spent two hours on top as 5 of us climbed the summit block. We were back at our packs by 3:45 pm and started for the cars an hour later. Within a couple of hours we were down.


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