Matterhorn Peak


By: Patricia Meixner

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Matterhorn Peak (12,281'): An emblem peak. Leave upper Twin Lakes campground 8:00 a.m. Sat. Pack 5 miles to camp with wood and water. Climb peak Sunday over steep snow. Must have lug shoes. Ice axe advisable. Driving: 800 miles. Contract leaders. Leader: DON CLARKE. Asst.: BUD BINGHAM.

From the SPS column in the July 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


Patricia Meixner

MATTERHORN PEAK-June 23-24: Don Clarke, Leader; Bud Bingham, Asst. Leader

On Sat. June 23 (1956) from the upper Twin Lakes out of Bridgeport 27 people backpacked 5 miles by trail and cross-country to camp on an open knoll surrounded by snow below the Matterhorn. Five more joined them later. In the afternoon 3 rock climbers did the northeast buttress of the Dragtooth. Three others started and two completed the Doodad. Twelve Sierra Peakers climbed the Falsestooth. The rest of the group loafed in camp.

On Sun. morning at 6 am 22 left camp for the Matterhorn climb. After about 1,500 ft. of steep snow and 300 ft. of 2nd class rock climbing, the whole group reached the top of the 12,281 ft. peak at 10 am. The view of snow-covered peaks was spectacular. A quick glissading descent was made. All were back in camp before noon. The group then split up as people hiked out at various times.


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