Mount Morrison


By: Miles Brubacher

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Mt. Morrison (12,268'): This is a good one to brag about to your friends, very spectacular from the highway. Meet Sat. noon at the airstrip on Highway 395 near Convict Lake turnoff. Bring swimming suit for dip in Hot Creek. Camp at cars at Convict Lake. Sun. climb the northwest ridge of the mountain and return. No rope work. Driving: 600 miles. Leader: MILES BRUBACHER. Asst.: IZZY LIEBERMAN.

From the October 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Miles Brubacher

Two carloads of Sierra Peakers spent a pleasant afternoon Saturday, September 22, (1956) in the Hot Creek near Mammoth. Most of the bathers moved about the pool trying to minimize the hot and cold "flashes." Bob Boyd enjoyed porpoising into the current for a quick ride downstream, while Dick Jali tried to find the bottom of the pool but found only hot steam jets! Saturday night, three more carloads arrived at Convict Lake, bringing the roster to 15 climbers.

The group left the roadhead at 7:30 a.m. Sunday and climbed a black rock chute to the northwest ridge. This ridge became a spectacular knife-edge at higher elevations and careful climbing using the hands was necessary. The summit was attained at about 12:30 p.m., and the terrific view was enjoyed by all. An easy descent was made, consisting of screeing down the southeast chute to the East Col and thence glissading a smooth snowfield under the northeast face. After an interesting day, the climbers headed for Bishop and steaks.


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