Mount Rixford


By: John W. Robinson

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Mt. Rixford (12,856'): An easy knapsack trip into a beautiful mountain area of Kings Canyon Nat. Park. Meet 7 a.m. Saturday at end of road in Onion Valley (9,000'), 16 mi. wet of Independence. Knapsack 7 mi. over Kearsarge Pass to camp at Upper Kearsarge Lake. Sun., climb Mt. Rixford in easy class 2 ascent, then back to cars. Hiking 11 mi. Sun, 8 of them downhill. Driving: 450 mi. Leader: JOHN ROBINSON. Asst.: FRANK SANBORN.

From the November 1956 issue of Southern Sierran

MT. RIXFORFD, OCT. 6-7 (1956)

--John Robinson

Eight somewhat dubious SPS knapsackers started out from Onion Valley Saturday morning in spite of tghreatening skies. Upon reaching Kearsarge Pass we found ourselves amid strong winds and black clouds with rain beginning to fall. Realizing that a real storm was approaching, we beat a hasty retreat back to our cars and got down into the Owens Valley just ahead of heavy snows. Five of us decided we'd had enough and went home. The three others, thoroughly chilled to the bone, headed for Death Valley and joined the Desert Peakers on warm Sentinel Peak.


Note: History-minded SPSers need to remember that the SPS gained final approval for its founding from the Angeles Chapter Executive Committee in October 1955. Officially scheduled trips began in 1956, and The Sierra Echo wasn't published until February 1957. Consequently, much of the early SPS trip information appeared in the Angeles Chapter Schedule or Southern Sierran.

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