Trail Peak


By: Patricia Meixner

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Trail Peak (11,622'): An easy knapsack hike into heavily forested Cottonwood Basin. Meet in center of Lone Pine, near Mt. Whitney Café, at 6:00 a.m. Sat. Caravan to Carrol Creek roadhead from which hike starts at 7:00 a.m. An 8-mile knapsack takes us 1500 ft. over Wonoga Ridge, across Cottonwood Creek to our 10,000 ft. campsite at Horseshoe Meadow. Sun. we take an easy 6-mile round-trip hike to Trail Peak, then knapsack back to cars. Driving: 450 miles. Leader: FRANK SANBORN. Asst.: TED MAIER.

From the SPS column in the July 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Patricia Meixner

TRAIL PEAK-June 9-10: Frank Sanborn, Leader; Ted Maier, Asst. Leader.

On Sat., June 9, (1956) from the end of the Carroll Creek road out of Lone Pine, 19 persons knapsacked 9 miles to camp at Horseshoe Meadow in the Cottonwood Basin. The trial was good and the weather beautiful. The afternoon was spent loafing, swimming and sunbathing.

Sun. morning 17 people made the easy walking ascent of 11,622 ft. Trail Peak, from which they had a magnificent view of the Kern Canyon area, Whitney and Kaweah peaks, Cottonwood Basin, Olancha Peak area and the Great Western Divide. There was some snow glissading on the way back down to camp. Before hiking out there was another long session of sunbathing.


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