Tunnabora Peak


By: Frank Sanborn

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Tunnabora Peak (13,593'): Meet at Whitney Portal 9:00 a.m. Sat. Knapsack up North Fork of Lone Pine Creek and camp at timberline. Sun., climb peak via Russell-Carillon Col. Gain: 3,000' Sat., 3,500' Sun. Driving: 420 miles. Leader: GEORGE WALLERSTEIN. Asst.: BUD BINGHAM.

From the October 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Frank Sanborn

Led by George Wallerstein and assisted by Bud Bingham, 23 Sierra Peakers and guests clambered up the rocks, over the Ebersbacher Ledges and through Clyde Meadow to their 11,000 ft. campsite at timberline in the upper North Fork of Lone Pine Creek on Sat., Sept. 29 (1956). Cloudy skies threatened trouble, but the weather cleared by nightfall.

Early Sun., Sept. 30, we climbed 2,000 ft. of very steep scree to the Russell-Carillon Col, dropped 600 ft. down steep rock ledges to 12,800 ft. Lake Tulainyo, the highest in North America. Skirting the snowfield on its western shore, we climbed sand-and-rock slopes to the 13,593 ft. summit of Tunnabora Peak. A crystal-clear day gave us a fine view. AFtr that, we split up into groups, climbing 14,190 ft. Mt. Russell, 13,571 ft. Mt. Carillon, 12,301 ft. Thor Peak and the Cleaver (a formidable rock east of Lake Tulainyo).

P.S: It seems that all of our Emblem Peaks have been climbed this summer. In addition to the 5 scheduled ones (Mt. Whitney, Mt. Ritter, Matterhorn Pk., Mt. Darwin and Mt. Williamson) in their spare time??? Barbara Lilley and John Robinson climbed Mt. Goddard; Pat Meixner, Bob Sheller, Don Clarke and Bud Bingham climbed Mt. Abbot; John Robinson and a friend climbed Olancha Pk.; Miles Brubacher, Izzy Lieberman and Lyle Gaston climbed Mt. Sill; :Pat Meixner, Tom Ross, Graham Stephenson and John Robinson climbed Mt. Lyell; Bud Bingham and Don Clarke climbed Mt. Brewer; and Andy Smatko, Doug Engle and Bill Erwin climbed Mt. Kaweah.


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