Mount Whitney


By: Patricia Meixner

From the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Mt. Whitney (14,495') by Mountaineer's Route: Those who have rubber-soled hiking boots, who are not afraid of heights, and who have done some previous climbing this summer, will have a spectacular ascent of our highest mountain. Meet at Whitney Portal at 7 a.m. Sat. A 3-4 hour trailless backpack to camp at Clyde Meadow. Wood and water available. Sun. make the trailless ascent and return. No rope work. Driving: 500 miles. Leader: MILES BRUBACHER. Asst.: PAT MEIXNER.

From the SPS column in the July 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Patricia Meixner

MT. WHITNEY-JULY 7-8: Miles Brubacher, Leader; Patricia Meixner, Asst. Leader

On Sat. July 7 (1956), 22 people knapsacked 3 miles cross-country up the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek to camp above Clyde Meadow. Six more joined the group later. In the afternoon 4 people climbed Thor Peak and 4 others climbed Mt. Russell. The rest loafed in camp.

Sun. morning 27 people made the ascent of Whitney via the Mountaineer's Route from East Face Lake. There was lots of snow in the couloir. All were on top by noon. Everyone enjoyed the glissading on the descent. The group hiked out as soon as they reached camp.


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