Mount Williamson, Mount Bernard, Trojan Peak


By: Patricia Meixner

Fron the Angeles Chapter Schedule

Sept 1-2-3 (1956) SUN-MON SIERRA PEAKS
Mt. Williamson (14,384'), Mt. Barnard (14,003'), Tojan Peak (13,968'): These three giants of the Sierra Crest will provide an abundance of interesting climbing. Meet in center of Independence (at Inyo County Sheriff's Station) at 6 a.m. Sat. Caravan up a network of rough obscure unmarked roads to the mouth of George Creek Canyon. Knapsack rugged, trailless 8 miles to 11,000' campsite at timberline. Sun., 8 mile roundtrip climb of Williamson (Class 2 and 3, rough scrambling). Mon., easy Class 2 climbs of Barnard and Trojan from camp, then return to cars. Driving: 450 miles. Leader: FRANK SANBORN. Asst.: JOHN ROBINSON.

From the October 1956 issue of Southern Sierran


--Patricia Meixner

MT. WILLIAMSON, MT. BARNARD, TROJAN PEAK Sept 1-2-3 (1956) Leader: Graham Stephenson

On Sat. morning at 9 am 22 people made the steep 5,000 ft. climb straight up George Creek Canyon. The occasionally marked route involved plowing thru heavy brush, climbing over and under trees, scrambling over rocks, climbing steep slopes and crossing and re-crossing George Creek time and time again. By 6 pm 15 people had made camp at a lovely spot at 11,000 ft. The 7 other people camped about 900 ft. below us, too tired to make the final climb.

On Sun. 20 people made the climb of Mt. Williamson (14,384 ft.). The last group was on top by 1 pm. The route, although long, was easy. The view of rugged peaks and sparkling lakes was fabulous. On the way down we met Bob Sheller and Frank Sanborn, who had hiked up from the cars that morning and were making the climb all in one day. They returned around 7 pm to camp.

Mon. morning at 6:15 am only 7 people (Pat Meixner, Graham Stephenson, Tom Ross, Andy Smatko, Andy Wade, Jerry Whittemore & Bob Schmelzer) started out to climb Mt. Barnard and Trojan Peak. We carried our packs across the canyon to where we began the climb. By 10:30 am the last person was on top of Mt. Barnard (14,003 ft.). On the way up a beautiful buck and two mountain goats were seen. After photographing the beautiful view all but Bob Schmelzer went on to climb Trojan Peak (13,968 ft.) via the long ridge which dropped and then went up again. We were all on top by 1 pm. Lake Helen of Troy sparkled below us. A quick scree run brought us to our packs around 2:30 pm. After a rough fast hike we were down to the road at 6:30 pm.


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