Owens Peak

49th Anniversary Climb

November 11, 2005

By:Gary Schenk

On November 11, 1956 Miles Brubacher and Pat Meixner led the first SPS trip to Owens Peak with 46 participants. The beginning of the SPS's 50th Anniversary year seemed like a good time to repeat that trip. George Wysup and Henry Arnebold agreed. So much that they decided to help lead the repeat. And so, on Armistice Day, 2005 , 17 intrepid peakbaggers gathered at the Owens Trailhead.

The weather did not look promising. The summit was hidden in a thick layer of white clouds, but we thought we'd give it a go, expecting to find whiteout conditions along the way. This fear proved unfounded. One of the changes since the first trip is the presence of a good use trail for almost the entire route. One only has to take some care upon reaching the talus, and follow the abundant ducks to reach the base of the slabs. Above the slabs the use trail is even more defined, and steeply climbs to the top.

Sitting left to right: Henry Arnebold, Gary Bickel, Gloria Miladin, Mary Jo Dungfelder, Susan Livington and Kaweah. Standing left to right: David Koskenmaki, Larry Hoak, Gray Schenk, Mark Allen, Don Cwik, John Radilj, Stephanie Gylden, Kevin Rooney, Bob McEwen, Larry Campbell, George Wysup and Bill Livingston. Photograph by Rudy Fleck.

Here we encountered Bill and Susan Livingston along with their dog Kaweah. We also found nice views north and east. Clouds covered the south and west. Folks starting bringing out celebratory goodies and the feasting commenced. Right about this time it came
out that Don Cwik had just earned his HPS 200 Peak
Emblem as well as his first SPS peak. Not a bad day!
Eventually we started getting a little cold. Cold enough
to actually want to leave this fine peak. In short time we reached the trailhead, and were soon back at
Powers Well. Just another fine day along the Sierra

Thanks to George Wysup, Henry Arnebold, and Larry Hoak for helping lead this rowdy crowd.
And thanks to Mark Allen, Gary Bickel, Larry
Campbell, Don Cwik, Mary Jo Dungfelder, Rudy
Fleck, Cheryl Gill, Stephanie Gylden, David
Koskenmaki, Bob McEwen, Gloria Miladen,
John Radalj and Kevin Rooney for making
this trip so enjoyable.

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