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To all Leaders: 

It is time to plan your Summer/Fall 2011 trips for the period of July 5 through October 31, 2011.  We would appreciate receiving your trips for publication in the Angeles Chapter Schedule #317 no later than March 9, 2011.

Please note you can also still submit trips for web publication at any time.

Many summer trips are on trail , but snow levels have been unpredictable this winter in the Sierras  We suggest you plan to use ice axe and crampons if there is a chance of them being used for at least your July trips– this equipment can always be left at the cars, but its difficult to change an M trip to an MR at the last minute.  Rock climbing trips that involve ropes also need to be listed as MR trips, and again it’s easier to plan a trip with the option of offering participants a rope than it is the change to have that option.

For any trips you want to co-list with another section or group, please submit to both of the entities outings chairs, so all the outings staff can review the outings. Provisional leads for new leaders are welcome.

Trip Submission Instructions:
We would appreciate receiving trips ready for review and submission to David Eisenberg.  We will however accept trip announcements either electronically submitted or mailed to us in hard copy.  For format, follow the example of other trips listed and/or see page 23 of the current Schedule of Activities.

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance in planning a trip. If you are uncertain how to prepare your trip write-up or the forms, just send us what you have, we will review and help if needed.  For electronic copies of the attached forms, please go to  Please feel free to call or e-mail us if you need assistance in planning an outing or navigating the paperwork.  

Trips involving ice axe or the use of ropes for climbing are – restricted mountaineering trips. We suggest you plan the trips where an ice axe may be needed as a restricted trip.  You can always leave the ice axe behind, but you can’t require them on trips that were not originally advertised as restricted.  MR and ER trips are open to all qualified Sierra Club members as participants but leaders must have appropriate leader ratings and first aid training.  See form to update us on your Restricted Mountaineering Trip Leader Information.  Please also complete the Application for Mountaineering Outing Approval.

I rated trips: trail hiking, cross county travel, basic first aid*
M rated trips: 3rd class rock, trail hiking, cross county travel, basic first aid*
* Both leaders must be have current basic first aid certificates/cards
MR rated trips:  3rd class rock with rope, ice axe or crampons, **
ER rated trips:  4th class and higher rock with rope, **
**  For restricted outings, 1 leader must be current in Wilderness First Aid. 

Thank you for leading.  Barbee & Larry