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A member who is a Senior Emblem holder, who has climbed one hundred seventy five (175) peaks on the SPS Peaks List, and who applies to the Secretary in writing, listing the peaks and the dates climbed, shall be awarded Master Emblem status and shall be entitled to wear the Section's Master Emblem pin. The 175 peaks must include four (4) peaks from each area designated on the Peaks List, and twenty-five (25) Mountaineer's Peaks.


1 Andy Smatko 25-Sep-64     51 Michael Lorr 9-Sep-95


2 Tom Ross 1965     52 Barbara Cohen 11-Nov-95 Mount Lola
3 Arkel Erb 1-Aug-66     53 Brian Smith 18-Sep-95 Mount Ericsson
4 Barbara Lilley 28-Sep-69     54 Mary Motheral 27-Jul-93 Red Peak
5 Jerry Keating 219-Aug-72     55 Mary Sue Miller 27-Aug-96 Seven Gables
6 Gordon MacLeod 3-Sep-73     56 Greg Roach 15-Sep-96 Stanislaus Peak
7 Doug Mantle 28-Sep-74     57 Doug Jones 20-Sep-95 Moses Mountain
8 Ed Treacy 13-Aug-76     58 Scott Sullivan 16-Aug-97 Mount Hooper
9 Elton Fletcher 19-Sep-77     59 Mirna Roach 13-Sep-97 Mount Gibbs
10 Roy Magnuson 27-Aug-78     60 Steve Eckert 6-Sep-98 Mount Forester
11 Barbara Magnuson 27-Aug-78     61 Reiner Stenzel 26-Jun-99 Electra Peak
12 Timothy Treacy 5-Aug-79     62 Erik Siering 30-Aug-99 Mount Goddard
13 Bill Sanders 16-Sep-79     63 Greg Gerlach 25-Sep-00 Electra Peak
14 Cuno Ranschau 16-Sep-79     64 Terry Flood 5-Sep-01 Whorl Mountain
15 William Schuler 16-Jun-80     65 Don Sparks 7-Aug-00 ?
16 Greg Vernon 25-Jul-80     66 Ron Hudson 30-Sep-00 ?
17 Jack Grams 26-Jul-81     67 Gerald Holleman 29-Sep-01 ?
18 Bill T. Russell 16-Aug-81 Tinker Knob   68 Pat Holleman 29-Sep-01 ?
19 Nathan Hoover 29-Aug-81     69 Larry Hoak 12-Jul-02 Mount Whitney
20 Vicky Hoover 29-Aug-81     70 Al Conrad 19-Jul-02 Mount Morrison
21 William Hoover 29-Aug-81     71 Judi Richardson 1-Oct-03 ?
22 Ron Bartell 1-Aug-82     72 Patty Rambert 8-Sep-05 Black Kaweah
23 Frances Hoover 2-Sep-83     73 Kyle Atkins 26-Oct-05 Lamont Peak
24 Richard Gnagy 1-Jun-85     74 Ron Jones 1985 ?
25 Norman F. Rohn 31-Aug-85     75 John Cheslick 14-Aug-06 Deerhorn Peak
26 Lloyd Brown 7-Sep-85     76 Daryn Dodge 26-Aug-06 North Palisade
27 Duane McRuer 20-Sep-85     77 Randall Danta
15-Sep-07 Independence Peak
28 R.J. Secor 20-Oct-85 Moses Mountain   78 Mark Goebel 18-Oct-08 Florence Peak
29 Dave Dykeman 18-Jul-87     79 Louise Wholey ? ?
30 Dale Van Dalsem 18-Jul-87     80 Shane Smith 
28-July-12  North Palisade
31 Don Palmer 15-Jul-88     81 Nile Sorenson 1-Sep-12 Mount Ruskin
32 David Campbell 1989     82 Bob Wyka 26-July-14 Split Mtn
33 Bob Emerick 16-Sep-89     83 Paul Garry 11-Oct-14 South Guard
34 Vi Grasso 1990     84 Bob Pickering 26-Sept-15 Mt Jordan
35 Barbara Reber 1990     85 Alvin Walter 10-Oct-16 Mt Ruskin
36 Sue Wyman 1-Sep-90            
37 Vic Henney 1-Sep-90            
38 Bob Hicks 8-Sep-90            
39 George Hubbard 29-Sep-90            
40 Gene Mauk 29-Sep-90            
41 Dave Petzold 1-Nov-90            
42 Tina Stough 21-Aug -91 Mount Gardiner          
43 Joe Stephens 1991            
44 Jim Murphy 21-Sep-91            
45 Larry Tidball 31-Jul-92 Black Kaweah          
46 George Toby 19-Sep-92            
47 Eric Schumacher 20-Sep-92      



48 Steven Thaw 1993 East Vidette          
49 Nancy Gordon 1-Jul-90            
50 Frank Meyers 20-Aug-95 Mount Tallac          

Note: The order of names generally reflects the order of application while the date whenever possible is the date of the ascent of the qualifying peak.   Since the Master Emblem was created after many members had finished the list, list finishers were added with the date of their list finish if no other date was available.

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