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The Sierra Echo

Selected back issues of the The Sierra Echo can be viewed, downloaded and printed for your use.

The Sierra Echo is the official newsletter of the Sierra Peaks Section and is issued four times a year every calender quarter. It contains:
  • Editorial comment from the Management Committee
  • Listings of upcoming trips
  • News on training and technical check-offs
  • New Emblem holders
  • Letters from our readers
  • Book reviews
  • Committee reports
  • Reports on SPS trips and some private trips
  • Climbing insurance updates
  • Membership roster
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Other articles of interest to our membership

The Sierra Echo

You need not be an SPS or a Sierra Club member to subscribe to the Sierra Echo. Just send your name and address and $10.00 to the Section Treasurer. New subscriptions or applications received after October 1st are credited for the subsequent year. Most members and subscribers now receive the Sierra Echo as the full color electonic edition. You are also welcome to support the Section with a Sustaining Subscrption for $25.00 per year.

Please send materials for publication in The Sierra Echo to the Echo Editor. Please contact the Editor for infoermation about the appropriate electronic format in which to submit written material and images for publication.

Please send address changes to the Section Secretary. To those subscribers who have specified that they do not wish to receive the the Sierra Echo in electronic format, it is mailed via 3rd class mail and will not be forwarded by the post office (sustaining hard copy subscribers receive it via first class postage).

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