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Welcome to our New Members

Casey Newton 2016
Patrick McCreary 2016
Jim Morehouse 2016
Jim Ramaker 2016
Eric Abbott 2016
Richard Abbott 2016
Casey Sakamoto 2016

Recent Member Accomplishments

The Andy Smatko Explorer Emblem (established in January, 2012) has been awarded to: Barbara Lilley, Ron Bartell, Terry Flood, Fred Johnson, Doug Mantle, Jerry Keating, Franklin Meyers, Sue Henney, Vic Henney, Daryn Dodge, Gordon MacLeod, Erik Siering (5/15), Ralph Wright (5/15), Bob Pickering (6/16) and Laura Newman (9/16).

Emblem 593 Bob Pickering 9-6-92 Mt Goddard
Master Emblem 85 Alvin Walter 10-Oct-16 Mt Ruskin
List Finish 77 Shane Smith 24-Sept-16 Tehipite Dome
Senior Emblem 149 Eric Abbott 8-Aug-15 Mt Humphreys
Master Emblem 84 Bob Pickering 26-Sept-15 Mt Jordan
Geographic Emblem 7 Bob Pickering 25-July-14 Vandeever Mtn
Senior Emblem 148 Alvin Walter 11-Aug-15 Mt Darwin
List Finish 76 Nile Sorenson 11-Oct-14 Cloud's Rest
Emblem 592 Brent Crookham 29-July-14 Nth Palisade
Emblem 591 Michael Gosnell 29-July-14 Nth Palisade
Emblem 590 Ralph Wright 15-Aug-13 Mt Williamson
Emblem 589 Dave Chapman 8-Aug-14 Mt Goddard
List Finish 76 Nile Sorenson 11-Oct-14 Cloud's Rest
Master Emblem 83 Paul Garry 11-Oct-14 South Guard
List Finish 75 Bob Wyka 13-Sept-14 Muah Mtn
Senior Emblem & Geographic Emblem 147, 6 Neal Robbins 4-Sept-14 Mt Tallac
Senior Emblem 146 Kathy Rich 10-Aug-14 Stanford Nth
Master Emblem 3x 3 Tina Bowman 1-Aug-14 Starr King
Geographic Emblem 5 Kathy Rich 27-July-14 Mt Goddard
Master Emblem 82 Bob Wyka 26-July-14 Split Mtn
Senior Emblem 145 Bob Wyka 26-July-14 Split Mtn
Emblem 2x 9 Daryn Dodge 22-June-14 Mt Williamson
Emblem 588 Samantha Olsen 26-Aug-06 Nth Palisade
Emblem 587 Keith Christensen 22-June-14 Mt Williamson
List Finish 74 Lisa Barboza 28-Jun-14 North Pk

Please watch this space for recent Member mountaineering accomplishments.

Membership Requirements

Membership in the SPS is open to any Sierra Club member who has climbed six peaks on the SPS Peak List. A current subscription to our newsletter, The Sierra Echo, is required. To apply, please complete the Membership Application Form and include a check for $10.00 made out to Sierra Peaks Section for a one year subscription to The Sierra Echo.

For those renewing their membership, please fill out the 2017 SPS Echo Subscription and Renewal Form (annual renewal date is Decemebr 31st, delinquent after March 31st).

: you can now also pay via PayPal - the email address is

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