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Andy Smatko Explorer Emblem Holders

A member of the Section who has climbed 50 peaks not on the Sierra Peaks List, who has been a Section member for at least one year, and who applies to the Secretary in writing, listing the peaks, their elevation, map source and quadrant, nearest Sierra Peaks List peak, and the dates climbed, shall be awarded Explorer Emblem Status.  The peaks must be located in the Sierra Nevada and north of Hwy 178 and south of Hwy 36, and named on either on USGS 7.5 minute or 15 minute maps, or in the GNIS database, or listed as a named peak in R. J. Secor's book "The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes, and Trails", and be 7000' elevation or more.  HPS peaks are not allowed (to avoid overlap).

(Emblem created January, 2012)

1 Barbara Lilley 2-13-12 50 peaks          
2 Ron Bartell 1-30-12 50 peaks          
3 Terry Flood 4-17-12 50 peaks          
4 Fred Johnson 4-21-12 50 peaks          
5 Doug Mantle 5-8-12 50 peaks          
6 Jerry Keating 6-26-12 50 peaks          
7 Franklin Meyers 8-22-12 50 peaks          
8 Sue Henney 10-1-12 50 peaks          
9 Vic Henney 10-1-12 50 peaks          
10 Daryn Dodge 1-16-13 50 peaks          
11 Gordon MacLeod 1-28-13 50 peaks          
12 Erik Siering 5-23-15 50 peaks          
13 Ralph Wright 5-23-15 50 peaks          
14 Bob Pickering 6-20-16 50 peaks          
15 Laura Newman 9-28-16 50 peaks          
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